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About Marvic Joinery

Timber bending at Marvic Joinery

Marvic Joinery is the UK's leading producer of high quality stair risers both Bullnose and Curtail, at it's state-of-the-art midlands based production facility.

Purpose Built Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing Facility

Marvic Joinery are an environmentally friendly, Swadlincote located, manufacturer with over 40 years' of trading experience within the timber bending marketplace.  

Timber bending is undertaken using both RF and Vacuum bag presses. Types of works undertaken include staircase bullnose risers, curtail risers, circular glassing beads, wooden steering wheel rims, bullseye windows and column casings, to name but a few.

High Quality Bullnose and Curtail Staircase Risers

Marvic's main production focus is on Bullnose and Curtail stair risers and steps for the staircase manufacturing industry, with major clients throughout the UK and Ireland.

Our staircase Bullnose and Curtail stair risers are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to suit many different configurations. We also produce complete staircase steps that are factory pre-formed.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Whether you are a manufacturer of staircases to high-end custom builders, developers of multi-family residential projects, remodelling contractors or do-it-yourself homeowners, we can meet your price and scheduling requirements and exceed your quality expectations.

We supply wooden staircase stair risers and steps to many of the UK's top staircase manufacturers and joiners whose projects range from high volume production type homes to multi-million pound custom homes.

"Total Customer satisfaction is our company ethos, from first order, through to manufacture and delivery. We take great pride in everything we do, striving to exceed expectations and developing valued relationships with customers large and small for many more years to come"

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Overseas Enquiries

If you are going to require a regular supply of Staircase Stair Risers and you are located outside the UK we'd love discuss your requirements further.

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